IDS-Technology GmbH is a company that has had the goal for years to develop and sell improved components for industrial electrical control and distribution panels. Irrespective of current MCC System designs, experts used their many years of experience to develop an new generation of power modules – e-con s.i. (energy-control solution - integrated). In particular, concrete measures were developed to optimize the Lorentz-Forces Effect through clever geometry and selection of materials so as to broaden the application areas of a new Power Module with significantly higher reliability.

improved components for industrial · contact system · fixed switchgear system · MCC bus compatible systems · arc fault free

In this endeavor they were successful in developing a contact system which allows you to transform a normal distribution panel system into a high performance withdrawable or fixed switchgear system which is more reliable and safer than current designs. With e-con s.i., you get not only the advantages of significantly higher personnel safety , system reliability and availability through prevention of arch failures but, you also get several economic advantages from the system in construction as well as through prevention of accidents in your power systems. The e-con s.i. components are in the front line of protection against arch failures and therefore can eliminate this source of arc potential and reduce the impact of other sources.

The IDS-Technology GmbH is working in the areas of MCC’s (Motor Control Centers) , MCC bus compatible systems (i.e. profibus), arc fault free, type tested withdrawable, simi-withdrawable plug in type systems (i.e. Siemens, ABB Schneider Electric, Eaton, Rockwell etc.) and fixed low voltage and middle voltage switchgear and distribution boards. IDS Technology GmbH is located in Bitburg, Germany.